Master of science in Biomedical Engineering.
In January 2017, I decided to leave Finland to do something else for a while.

I worked on Cat Ba island in Vietnam as a guide for climbing and kayaking, and then travelled Middle East and South East Asia.

Before this, I have modelled human interaction and nerve cells using point patterns, helped sports tracker company Polar Electro use their data better and used data to optimize operations of cruise vessels and LNG tankers to save fuel.

With Eniram, I developed a minimum viable product for delivering push notifications to an iOS application.

I have worked in research, customer facing analyst, product manager for data and models, and as a software developer for data processing software.

Asia Outdoors

Worked as an adventure guide: guiding kayaking, SUP, rock climbing and Deep Water Solo. Learned to ride a motorbike, backflips, and how to get things done in foreign country -- also without having a common language.

Eniram Ltd.

I worked as an Analyst, Product Manager and Software developer. The latter positions included managing development of data and models, and developing data processing software. Developed a toolchain to send push notifications to an iOS app.

Polar Electro Oy

Master's thesis: Studied the data and the extent to which it is used in the company. Identified opportunities where data could be used to improve customer experience and marketing. My propositions led to actions taken in the company.

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