My appearances on media

Television, Instagram, Facebook and such.

The time I was on Vietnamese television

We arrived to climb in the Butterfly Valley on Cat Ba together with Vicky, and these guys were shooting some kind of nature presentation of Cat Ba for Vietnamese channel 2. Naturally, they wanted to film us climbing -- the climbing itself starts at 3:20 or so.

The time I was on the travel video of German grandma

We got up early to do some climbing in Ben Beo. "Egyptian Submission Position" had remained unsent when I had left Cat Ba in August, and that is no way to leave things. I had worked out the moves before, and this morning, it was time to send. An older German lady -- she insisted she was 80, but looked no older than 70! -- happened to be around to film the thing.

I look a bit shaky, and luckily they cut out the part I used my knee to mantle, but it seeing myself climb is a great learning opportunity!

Another amazing deep water solo crag in Vietnam. The water is so inviting.

Henkilön Youngs Adventure Solutions (@youngsadventuresolutions) jakama julkaisu

Awesome morning with some deep water soloing before heading back to the delights of the UK.

Henkilön Youngs Adventure Solutions (@youngsadventuresolutions) jakama julkaisu

Me on commercials and social media

Inexplicably, some people seem to think I make a nice model. Feel free to contact me for modelling assignments, especially if they include ropes. Or heights and getting wet.